Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper: A Cheeky Guide to Going Green

So, here you are, embarking on an intimate eco-revolution from the seat of your own loo. A battle fought with rolls of toilet paper, where every flush is a win for Mother Earth. You’re ready to get down to some serious “business” and roll out the change in the least expected place – your bathroom. Before we plunge in, let’s get something straight – this isn’t about choosing the fluffiest, the most fragrant, or the most cartoonishly packaged toilet paper. No, this is about that unassuming roll of eco friendly toilet paper that is a testament to your commitment to this wonderful blue-green planet.

In the next few minutes, we’re going to unroll the truth about regular toilet paper (spoiler alert: it’s a real party pooper), explore the enchanting world of eco friendly toilet paper, and debunk a few myths (it’s not all about roughing it out, you know). We’ll also offer advice on how to pick the right brand, all while keeping things light and cheeky because, let’s face it, toilet talk can turn crappy really fast!

So pull up your britches, environmental warriors! It’s time to embark on the ultimate quest – to find the best eco friendly toilet paper for you and your derrière, and along the way, save the world, one flush at a time!


Why Make the Switch?

Transitioning to eco friendly toilet paper is about more than just choosing a different type of product—it’s about making a conscious decision to minimize your environmental impact in all aspects of your daily life, including those that might seem minor at first glance. The reasons to switch to eco friendly toilet paper are numerous.

Environmental Implications of Regular Toilet Paper

Regular toilet paper production is one of the leading causes of deforestation worldwide. It’s estimated that over 27,000 trees are chopped down daily to meet global demand. Imagine a forest the size of Central Park vanishing every two days – flushed down the drain. You could say it’s a real pain in the ash!

Not only does this process destroy habitats for countless species, but it also contributes to climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a significant greenhouse gas, so their removal exacerbates global warming.

The Big Picture: Carbon Footprint

Regarding the carbon footprint, regular toilet paper production is highly energy and water-intensive. From harvesting trees, processing them into pulp, bleaching the pulp to whiten it, then finally rolling it into the finished product, each stage consumes significant energy resources.

Moreover, the process uses large volumes of water. On average, one roll of traditional toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water to produce. That’s enough to fill half a bathtub!

Furthermore, regular toilet paper often uses chlorine-based bleach for whitening, which results in harmful by-products that can leach into water systems, creating a hazardous impact on aquatic life.

In essence, regular toilet paper is far from being a clean product. Its production leaves a significant environmental footprint, making the switch to eco friendly alternatives an essential part of an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Allure of Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

The appeal of eco friendly toilet paper goes far beyond its gentleness on your skin or its catchy, environment-loving taglines. It extends to its vital role in conserving our environment, promoting sustainability, and reducing waste. Let’s dig a little deeper:

Material Matters: Bamboo, Recycled, and Beyond

The beauty of eco friendly toilet paper lies in the resourcefulness of its materials. These aren’t your regular tree-based papers; they’re a mix of inventive and sustainable options, from bamboo to recycled paper and more.

Bamboo is the Usain Bolt of the plant world, capable of growing up to three feet in just 24 hours. This rapid regrowth means it doesn’t need to be replanted after harvest. It requires a fraction of the water that traditional hardwood trees do and no nasty pesticides. Plus, it produces 35% more oxygen than trees, making it a win-win for your bum and Mother Nature!

On the other hand, recycled paper puts our paper waste to good use, curbing the need for deforestation and preventing our valuable waste paper from ending up in landfills. It’s a delightful synergy where tree-huggers and bum-wipers unite in harmony!

Production Process: Less is More

The process of producing eco friendly toilet paper is a lot gentler on the environment compared to the traditional way. The mantra is clear: less is more.

While regular TP relies heavily on energy, water, and harmful bleaches or dyes, eco friendly TP tells a different tale. The manufacturing process uses less energy, less water, and forgoes any toxic chemicals. It’s the holistic approach to personal hygiene: not only your bum but also the environment gets to relish the clean, fresh sensation!

Biodegradable Packaging: No Plastic, No Problem

A major letdown with regular toilet paper is its plastic packaging. It seems quite counterintuitive to envelop a product meant for hygiene in something that’s harmful to our ecosystem.

But eco friendly toilet paper brands are all about walking the talk. They package their rolls in paper or cardboard, ensuring the whole product, from the roll to the packaging, aligns with their eco-conscious philosophy. This small but significant step helps to cut down on plastic waste, reinforcing their commitment to the environment.

Finding the Right Brand

Making the transition to eco friendly toilet paper involves more than just grabbing the first “green” product you see on the supermarket shelf. It’s about understanding what makes a brand truly eco-friendly and aligning your choice with your values and needs. Let’s dive into some key considerations:

What to Look for When Shopping

The first step to becoming an eco-friendly shopper is knowing what to look for. When evaluating brands, consider the following:

  1. Materials: Aim for brands that use sustainable sources like bamboo or recycled paper. Bamboo is particularly sustainable as it regrows rapidly without the need for replanting.
  2. Packaging: Look for toilet paper that comes in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. This could be anything from cardboard to paper. If it’s plastic, it should be recyclable.
  3. Production Process: How the toilet paper is produced is equally important. Brands that use less energy, less water, and no harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process get the green thumbs up!
  4. Comfort: Switching to eco friendly shouldn’t be a discomforting experience. Look for brands that guarantee softness alongside sustainability.
  5. Price: Eco friendly options can sometimes be pricier than regular toilet paper due to the sustainable practices involved in their production. But remember, you’re not just paying for toilet paper; you’re investing in the health of our planet!

Our Top Picks for Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Eco friendly toilet paper options have mushroomed over the years, providing many choices. Here are three brands that have captured my heart (and bum):

Seventh Generation takes its eco-responsibility very seriously. Their toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, sans any dyes, inks, or fragrances. What’s more, their packaging is fully recyclable. Seventh Generation’s mission is to cultivate a more mindful form of consumerism, promoting products that are kind to our bodies and the environment.

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper 3 PLY

Introducing “Betterway Eco Friendly Toilet Paper,” the epitome of softness in the realm of bamboo toilet paper. With exceptional quality and superior comfort, Betterway has been declared the #1 favorite by 96% of users in a blind test against other leading eco-friendly brands. Their confidence in their product is shown through their 100-day risk-free money-back guarantee, allowing customers to return the product hassle-free if they’re not completely satisfied.

Each roll of Betterway Toilet Paper stands out in the market, providing 57% more square footage per roll than its competitors. With a hefty count of 360 sheets per roll, it outlasts other brands by almost twice the length, ending the common woes of running out of toilet paper and constant roll changes. With Betterway, customers are choosing the best value in bamboo toilet paper.

Betterway strikes an impeccable balance between strength and softness. Their 3-ply toilet paper offers unmatched strength and double absorption, with lint-free sheets that feature an exclusive neat-tear technology for a clean, smooth tear every time. The unique double-texture weaving pattern provides two different sides for users – one smooth for extra comfort and one textured for a cleaner wipe. With Betterway, the bar has been raised for comfort and cleanliness in toilet paper.

For those with sensitive skin, Betterway Toilet Paper is a relief. Hypoallergenic, unscented, and dye-free, it alleviates concerns about irritation or sensitivity caused by harsh chemicals present in regular toilet paper. Crafted from 100% all-natural, non-GMO bamboo, Betterway toilet paper is as gentle on the skin as it is on the environment.

Being a US-based company, Betterway is deeply committed to sustainability. Their bamboo is responsibly sourced from FSC-certified forests, and their packaging is 100% plastic-free. Even the individual wrappers on each roll are compostable. By choosing Betterway Eco Friendly Toilet Paper, customers are opting for a sustainable product that’s not just gentle on the planet but softer on them. Betterway truly represents a better, eco-friendly way to clean. Check Amazon’s great prices here.

Betterway Eco Frendly Toilet Paper

Common Myths and Misconceptions

As with any change, switching to eco friendly toilet paper comes with its own set of myths and misconceptions. Let’s debunk a few of the common ones, shall we?

Myth 1: Eco Friendly Toilet Paper is Rough

Perhaps the most common misconception is that eco friendly toilet paper is akin to wiping with sandpaper. But fear not; this is far from the truth! While it may not match the pillowy softness of some luxury brands, many eco friendly options offer a comfortable clean. Brands like Who Gives A Crap and Seventh Generation work hard to ensure their products are gentle on your bum while being tough on environmental harm.

Myth 2: It’s More Expensive

While it’s true that eco friendly toilet paper can be slightly pricier than conventional options, it’s important to remember the bigger picture. The few extra cents go towards better manufacturing practices, sustainable materials, and often support initiatives that give back to the community. Plus, many brands offer bulk buying options that can make it as cost-effective as regular toilet paper. Essentially, it’s more of an investment in the planet than an expense.

Myth 3: It’s Not as Eco Friendly as It Claims

There’s a concern that eco friendly products are simply ‘greenwashing’ their image, i.e., marketing themselves as ‘green’ without truly being environmentally friendly. While there may be some truth to this in certain industries, many eco friendly toilet paper brands are genuinely committed to sustainability. From the materials they use to their manufacturing process and even their packaging, every step is designed to minimize environmental impact. Look for brands that offer transparency about their practices and are certified by recognized bodies.

Myth 4: Recycled Toilet Paper Contains Unhygienic Materials

The word ‘recycled’ can raise eyebrows when associated with toilet paper. Rest assured; recycled toilet paper does not contain any unhygienic materials. It is made from recycled paper products like office paper, not from used toilet paper. So, you won’t be getting any unpleasant surprises in your recycled TP roll!

Myth 5: It’s Hard to Find

Some people believe that eco friendly toilet paper is a niche product that’s hard to come by. While it may have been true in the past, it’s not the case today. Many supermarkets stock eco friendly options and countless brands are available online. Plus, many offer subscription services for added convenience, delivering eco friendly toilet paper right to your doorstep!

Busting these myths clears the way for you to make an informed and confident choice, helping you transition smoothly to eco friendly toilet paper. Remember, every small step towards sustainability has a significant impact on the health of our planet.

The Future of TP: Sci-Fi or Near Reality?

As we stand on the precipice of an eco-friendly revolution, let’s let our imaginations run wild about the future of toilet paper. Will the eco friendly options of today become the norm, or will we see even more fantastical solutions in our bathrooms? Let’s take a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek peek at what could lie ahead:

Toilet Paper 2.0: The Never-Ending Roll

Imagine a world where your toilet roll never runs out – no more awkward moments of reaching for a nonexistent roll. Engineers might invent self-replenishing rolls that regenerate after each use, utilizing advanced bioengineering and regenerative growth techniques. Perhaps, future bamboo toilet paper will take the fast-growing properties of its parent plant to heart!

Customizable TP: Your Bum, Your Choice

Ever wanted a toilet paper that caters specifically to your bum’s desires? Future TP could be like your personal hygiene concierge, with customizable thickness, texture, and even embedded calming scents. Perhaps we’ll be ordering artisanal rolls tailored to our specific comfort levels while maintaining their eco-friendly credentials!

Smart Toilet Paper: Your Health Checkup in a Wipe

Smart devices are all the rage these days, so why should toilet paper be left behind? We could have intelligent toilet paper that offers real-time health check-ups and sends a report straight to your smartphone. “You’ve been eating too much spicy food lately; cut back a bit!” Now, that’s what we’d call a ‘smart’ toilet paper!

Robotic TP Dispenser: Your Loyal Loo Companion

In a future where robots rule, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to have a robotic TP dispenser at your service. It could dispense just the right amount, reducing wastage, and even fold the end into a neat triangle for that fancy hotel feel. Now, if only it could also refill the roll when it’s empty!

Digital Toilet Paper: The Ultimate Green Move?

In an era of digitization, could digital toilet paper be a thing? Before you start worrying about the logistics, this is purely speculative! Perhaps future advancements in bidet technology will render toilet paper obsolete. An app-controlled, ultra-efficient bidet could provide a personalized cleaning experience, making physical toilet paper a thing of the past!

While some of these might sound outlandish, who knows? With the pace of technological advancements, the toilet paper of the future might just surprise us. Until then, making the switch to eco friendly toilet paper remains the best bet for your bum and the planet!

Wrapping Up: From the Loo to the Earth

So, there we have it! Our cheeky journey from the cozy confines of your home – complete with eco friendly laundry detergent and bamboo toothbrushes – to the broader environment has unraveled the wonders of eco friendly toilet paper. It’s been a romp of revelations, debunking myths, uncovering truths, and chuckling at our possible TP futures!

We’ve learned how that humble roll of eco friendly toilet paper is more than just a means to an end (pun intended). It’s a symbol of your commitment to sustainability, a testament to your respect for Mother Earth, and a ticket to guilt-free bathroom breaks!

Transitioning to eco friendly toilet paper is about making a conscious choice. A choice to take responsibility for our planet’s health to ensure that our personal needs don’t contribute to environmental damage. It’s about understanding that this change is not just a drop in the ocean but a ripple that can create substantial waves of impact.

As with any eco-friendly switch, finding the right balance between comfort, cost, and sustainability is key. So whether you’re ready to jump into the world of bamboo toilet paper or a recycled option seems more your speed, the important thing is to make a start.

And let’s remember, the shift to eco friendly toilet paper isn’t about sacrificing luxury or comfort for the sake of the environment. On the contrary, many brands have proven that we can have our cake (or toilet paper) and eat it, too – creating products that offer a soft, high-quality experience while being kind to our planet.

So, the next time you’re perched on your porcelain throne, contemplating life’s mysteries, remember – the change begins with you. You can transform a mundane daily routine into an act of environmental responsibility. And that, dear reader, is nothing to be sniffed at!

As we bid adieu, remember, your bum deserves the best, and so does Mother Earth. So here’s to happy, eco-friendly wiping!


Is eco friendly toilet paper safe for septic systems?

Yes, most brands are septic safe. However, it’s always a good idea to check the packaging.

Can eco friendly toilet paper cause skin irritation?

Eco friendly toilet paper is usually free of chemicals and dyes, making it less likely to cause irritation.

How is bamboo toilet paper sustainable?

Bamboo regrows quickly, requires no pesticides, and uses less water than trees.

Does eco friendly toilet paper really make a difference?

Absolutely! Every little change helps. It’s about reducing our overall impact on the environment.

Where can I buy eco friendly toilet paper?

You can buy it online or in stores. Some brands even offer subscription services. Check out Who Gives A Crap, Seventh Generation, and Green Forest.


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