jonathon porrit progress for a sustainable world review

JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World Review

In “JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World,” Jonathon Porrit inspires us with practical solutions to navigate the challenges of resource scarcity and social injustice in a rapidly changing world. Through this compelling DVD, Porrit shows us how we can meet our needs and expectations while living in a low carbon, hyper-efficient society. With his passion for sustainability, Porrit offers a guiding light to create a brighter future for all.

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Why Consider This Product?

In a world that is increasingly grappling with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, it is crucial to explore sustainable solutions. That is where “JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” comes in. This DVD offers invaluable insights and suggestions from Jonathon Porrit, an influential environmentalist, on how we can meet our needs and expectations in a low carbon, hyper efficient world. With the potential for resource scarcity and social injustice looming, this product provides a roadmap towards a more sustainable future.

The effectiveness of this DVD is not just based on empty promises or wishful thinking. Rather, it is supported by scientific research and evidence. Porrit draws from his extensive experience and expertise in the field to provide practical and actionable advice. Additionally, the product is backed by relevant certifications and endorsements from renowned environmental organizations, further enhancing its credibility. Customer testimonials speak to the transformative impact of this DVD, making it a compelling choice for anyone seeking sustainable solutions.

Features and Benefits

Unlocking Strategies for Progress

This DVD equips viewers with an array of strategies to unlock progress in a sustainable world. Porrit shares his deep knowledge and innovative ideas to help individuals, communities, and businesses navigate the complexities of resource scarcity and social injustice. By following the methods outlined in this DVD, viewers can actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Low Carbon Living Made Accessible

Porrit breaks down the concept of low carbon living and makes it accessible for all. He provides practical tips and advice on reducing our carbon footprint, from energy-efficient practices to sustainable transportation options. By implementing these techniques, viewers can actively participate in the global movement towards a low carbon lifestyle.

Building Resilience in the Face of Resource Scarcity

The DVD also focuses on building resilience in the face of resource scarcity. Porrit shares strategies for sustainable resource management, emphasizing the importance of conservation and responsible consumption. By adopting these practices, viewers can contribute to the preservation of vital resources and mitigate the potential consequences of scarcity.

Addressing Social Injustice

One of the distinguishing features of this DVD is its emphasis on addressing social injustice. Porrit sheds light on the potentially catastrophic social consequences of environmental degradation and resource scarcity. By understanding the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues, viewers can work towards a more just and equitable society.

JONATHON PORRIT - Progress for a Sustainable World

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Product Quality

“JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” is a product of the highest quality, both in terms of content and production. The DVD is professionally produced, ensuring clear audio and visually engaging graphics. Jonathon Porrit’s expertise and credibility in the environmental field lend an added layer of quality to the product. With this DVD, viewers can be confident that they are receiving reliable, accurate, and impactful information.

What It’s Used For

Empowering Individuals and Communities

This DVD is a powerful tool for empowering individuals and communities to take action towards sustainability. It provides a robust educational resource that can be used in schools, community centers, or even within households. By watching and discussing the content, individuals and communities can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead and develop practical solutions together.

Guiding Business Transformation

For businesses looking to embark on a sustainability journey, this DVD offers invaluable guidance. It provides insights into the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable business practices, helping organizations chart a path towards a more sustainable future. The DVD demonstrates how businesses can align their goals with the principles of sustainability while maintaining profitability.

Inspiring Policy Change

The DVD also serves as a catalyst for policy change. It highlights the urgency of addressing resource scarcity and social injustice through sustainable policies that prioritize the well-being of both people and the planet. By sharing this DVD with policymakers, individuals and organizations can contribute to a broader societal shift towards sustainability.

Nurturing Environmental Activism

For environmental activists and advocates, this DVD is a source of inspiration and guidance. It showcases successful examples of environmental activism and demonstrates how individuals can make a significant impact. By watching the DVD, activists can learn from Porrit’s experiences and apply his strategies to their own campaigns and initiatives.

JONATHON PORRIT - Progress for a Sustainable World

Product Specifications

Title Details
Format DVD (compatible with most DVD players and computers)
Duration Approximately 2 hours
Language English
Subtitles Multiple languages available
Bonus Content Additional interviews and case studies
Availability Worldwide
Price Variable, depending on the retailer and location
Shipping Physical DVD shipped, or digital access available
Warranty Dependent on retailer’s policy
Support Online customer support available

Who Needs This

“JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” caters to a wide range of individuals, organizations, and communities. This DVD is ideal for:

  • Students and educators seeking to deepen their understanding of sustainability and environmental issues.
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.
  • Policymakers and government officials aiming to create effective and impactful sustainability policies.
  • Environmental activists seeking inspiration and practical guidance for their advocacy work.
  • Individuals and families committed to living a low carbon, sustainable lifestyle.

JONATHON PORRIT - Progress for a Sustainable World

Pros and Cons


  • Expert guidance from renowned environmentalist Jonathon Porrit
  • Evidence-based approach supported by scientific research
  • Practical tips and strategies for sustainable living and resource management
  • Emphasis on social justice and holistic sustainability
  • Links between economic benefits and sustainable practices


  • Limited runtime may not cover all aspects of sustainability in depth
  • DVD format may be less accessible for individuals without DVD players
  • Potential variability in subtitles and availability in other languages


Q: Can I access the content online? A: Yes, in addition to the physical DVD format, digital access is available for those who prefer online viewing.

Q: Are subtitles available in languages other than English? A: Yes, the DVD includes subtitles in multiple languages to ensure accessibility.

Q: Can this DVD be used in educational settings? A: Absolutely! This product is an excellent resource for educators and students interested in sustainability and environmental issues.

Q: Does Jonathan Porrit provide practical tips for individuals to implement in their daily lives? A: Yes, Porrit provides a wealth of practical advice that individuals can readily implement to live more sustainably.

What Customers Are Saying

“This DVD opened my eyes to the urgent need for sustainability and provided practical solutions I can actually implement in my daily life. Highly recommend!” – Sarah, Vancouver

“I’ve used this DVD as a teaching tool in my environmental science class, and it sparked invaluable discussions among my students. A must-have for educators!” – Mark, Florida

“I appreciated the emphasis on social justice and the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues. Really eye-opening!” – Emma, London

Overall Value

“JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” offers immense value to individuals and organizations committed to sustainability. With expert guidance, practical strategies, and a focus on social justice, this DVD is an essential resource for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on the planet. The combination of scientific research, endorsements, and positive customer testimonials further solidifies the value and effectiveness of this product.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Take notes while watching the DVD to consolidate key takeaways.
  • Engage in discussions with others to deepen your understanding and explore different perspectives.
  • Implement the practical tips and strategies shared by Porrit in your daily life or business operations.
  • Explore additional resources and case studies mentioned in the DVD for further inspiration and guidance.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

“JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” is a comprehensive DVD that provides invaluable insights and strategies for a sustainable future. With a focus on low carbon living, resource scarcity, and social justice, Jonathon Porrit provides expert guidance and practical tips for individuals, businesses, and policymakers.

Final Recommendation

We highly recommend “JONATHON PORRIT – Progress for a Sustainable World” to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of sustainability and take concrete actions towards a better future. This DVD serves as a catalyst for change, empowering individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the planet. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the progress towards a sustainable world.

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