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Discover the eye-opening documentary “Sustainable,” a powerful exploration of the urgent challenges plaguing America’s food system. From rising temperatures to declining bee populations, this thought-provoking film sheds light on the need for change and introduces us to Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer who becomes a beacon of hope in the fight against big agribusiness. “Sustainable” showcases the inspiring journey of one man’s determination to restore his land and champion sustainable farming practices in Chicago. With vibrant storytelling and compelling reviews, this film offers a vital perspective on our relationship with the planet and the future of our food. Journey with us as we delve into the remarkable story behind “Sustainable.”


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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to the state of America’s food system, the facts are alarming. Rising temperatures, drought, soil loss, chemicals in our food, declining bee populations, obesity, diabetes – the list goes on. It’s clear that our current practices are not sustainable in the long run. That’s why we need to consider “Sustainable,” a groundbreaking documentary that reveals the crisis we’re facing and the inspiring community of leaders who are determined to fix it.

Through the lens of Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer from Illinois, “Sustainable” takes us on a journey of transformation. Marty witnessed his land and community succumb to the pressures of big agribusiness, pushing him to the brink of despair. However, fueled by his desire to create a better future for his son, Marty took matters into his own hands and pioneered the sustainable food movement in Chicago.

The evidence supporting the effectiveness of sustainable farming practices is vast. Scientific research has shown that sustainable agriculture can help combat climate change, improve soil health, conserve water, and protect biodiversity. By promoting regenerative practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and organic fertilizers, sustainable farming reduces the reliance on synthetic chemicals and promotes healthier ecosystems.

Moreover, “Sustainable” has received rave reviews from critics, adding to its credibility. Documentary Drive describes it as “what a farming documentary should be,” while The Hollywood Reporter hails it as a “persuasive and refreshing eco-foodie doc.” Screen Space emphasizes the film’s contribution as a vital perspective on mankind’s relationship with the planet.

Features and Benefits

Transformative Storytelling

At the heart of “Sustainable” is Marty Travis’ inspiring journey of transforming his profitless wasteland into a thriving sustainable farm. This powerful narrative resonates with viewers, showcasing the potential of sustainable farming and encouraging individuals to take action.

In-Depth Exploration

The documentary delves deep into the crisis facing America’s food system, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face. By shining a light on the detrimental effects of agribusiness and the potential solutions offered by sustainable farming, “Sustainable” sparks important conversations and initiates change.

Expert Insights

The film features interviews with leading experts in the field of sustainable agriculture, providing valuable insights into the science behind these practices. By including perspectives from scientists, farmers, and activists, “Sustainable” offers a well-rounded view of the topic and reinforces the credibility of its message.

Inspiring Community

One of the standout aspects of “Sustainable” is its focus on the community of leaders who are dedicated to fixing America’s food system. The film showcases the collaborative efforts of farmers, chefs, activists, and consumers working together to create a more sustainable future. This sense of community and collective action serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for viewers.

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Product Quality

“Sustainable” is a meticulously crafted documentary that combines compelling storytelling with factual accuracy. The filmmakers have carefully researched and verified the information presented in the film, ensuring that viewers can trust the content they are consuming. The attention to detail, both in terms of the narrative and the scientific accuracy, sets “Sustainable” apart as a high-quality production.

What It’s Used For

Inspiring Change

One of the primary uses of “Sustainable” is to inspire individuals to take action. By highlighting the transformative power of sustainable farming, the documentary motivates viewers to make conscious choices about their food and support local, sustainable agriculture. It serves as a rallying cry for individuals to become part of the solution and participate in the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Educational Tool

“Sustainable” also serves as an educational tool, providing viewers with valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions for America’s food system. The film can be used in classrooms, community organizations, and film screenings to spark discussions about sustainable agriculture, climate change, and the impact of our food choices.

Advocacy Resource

For activists and advocates working in the field of sustainable agriculture, “Sustainable” is a valuable resource. The film showcases successful examples of sustainable farming and highlights the importance of community engagement and collaboration. It can be used as a tool to raise awareness, inspire change, and gather support for sustainable farming practices.

Conversation Starter

Watching “Sustainable” with friends, family, or colleagues can serve as a powerful conversation starter. The film presents the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing our food system, the role of sustainable farming, and the importance of consumer choices. It can help foster a deeper understanding of the issues and encourage individuals to reevaluate their relationship with food.


Product Specifications

Title Details
Format Documentary
Duration Approximately 90 minutes
Release Year 2016
Language English
Director Matt Wechsler
Producer Annie Speicher
Featured Farmer Marty Travis
Available Formats DVD, Blu-ray, streaming platforms

Who Needs This

Anyone who is concerned about the state of America’s food system and wants to be part of the solution can benefit from watching “Sustainable.” Whether you’re a farmer, a consumer, an activist, or an educator, the documentary provides valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions for creating a more sustainable and equitable food system.


Pros and Cons

While “Sustainable” has received widespread acclaim, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of the documentary.


  • Compelling storytelling that engages viewers and inspires action.
  • Well-researched and factually accurate content.
  • Features a diverse range of perspectives from experts in the field.
  • Highlights successful examples of sustainable farming.
  • Sparks important conversations about our food system and the need for change.


  • May not offer in-depth coverage of every aspect of sustainable agriculture.
  • May not fully address the complexities and challenges of implementing sustainable farming practices on a larger scale.

Exploring the World of Sustainable


  1. Is “Sustainable” only relevant to the United States?
    • While the documentary focuses on the American food system, the issues and solutions presented have global relevance. Many countries face similar challenges related to industrial agriculture and can draw inspiration from the sustainable practices showcased in the film.
  2. Can I watch “Sustainable” online?
    • Yes, “Sustainable” is available for streaming on various platforms, allowing for widespread access and convenience.
  3. Does the documentary provide practical steps for individuals to support sustainable farming?
    • “Sustainable” emphasizes the importance of consumer choices and highlights the benefits of supporting local, sustainable agriculture. While it doesn’t provide a comprehensive guide, it encourages viewers to take small steps, such as shopping at farmers’ markets and choosing organic, to contribute to a more sustainable food system.

What Customers Are Saying

Customer testimonials about “Sustainable” highlight the impact the documentary has had on their perspectives and actions. Viewers express gratitude for the eye-opening information and inspiring stories presented in the film. Many describe it as a powerful tool for change and a catalyst for making more conscious food choices.

Overall Value

“Sustainable” offers immense value to anyone who wants to understand the challenges our food system faces and the potential solutions. The combination of compelling storytelling and factual accuracy makes it an engaging and educational viewing experience. By showcasing the power of sustainable farming and inspiring individuals to take action, “Sustainable” contributes to the broader movement towards a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

To get the most out of “Sustainable,” consider the following tips:

  1. Watch the documentary with an open mind and immerse yourself in the storytelling.
  2. Take notes during the film to remember key information and insights.
  3. Engage in discussions with fellow viewers after watching the documentary to exchange ideas and perspectives.
  4. Research local sustainable agriculture initiatives in your area and find ways to support them.
  5. Reflect on your own food choices and consider how you can make more sustainable decisions in your daily life.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

“Sustainable” is a groundbreaking documentary that sheds light on the crisis facing America’s food system and the community of leaders working to fix it. Through the transformative story of Marty Travis, viewers are inspired to take action and support sustainable farming practices. The film offers valuable insights, expert perspectives, and compelling storytelling, making it an essential resource for anyone concerned about our food system.

Final Recommendation

We wholeheartedly recommend “Sustainable” to individuals who want to deepen their understanding of sustainable agriculture and be part of the solution. By watching the documentary, engaging in conversations, and taking conscious actions, we can all contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable food system for future generations. Let “Sustainable” be the catalyst for change and inspire you to make a difference.

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