Separett Tiny® Toilet with Urine Container Review

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product lineup: the 2023 model of the NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container. With its sleek design and improved privacy screen, this self-contained toilet is revolutionizing the way we handle our waste. Made in Sweden with the highest quality standards, this toilet comes with a 5-year warranty and reliable aftermarket support. Say goodbye to traditional plumbing and hello to a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution. Get ready to experience a new level of convenience and peace of mind with the NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet.

NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container

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Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly and innovative toilet solution, look no further than the NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container. This self-contained toilet offers a range of features and benefits that make it a top choice for environmentally conscious individuals and those seeking a reliable and efficient waste management system.

One of the key reasons to consider this product is its waterless design. Traditional toilets waste gallons of fresh water with every flush, putting a strain on our limited water resources. This waterless toilet eliminates the need for water usage altogether, helping to conserve water and reducing your environmental footprint.

Another advantage of this toilet is its urine diverting feature. By separating liquid waste from solid waste, the Separett Tiny® ensures minimal odor and easier waste management. The urine collects in a separate container, which can be easily emptied and used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants. This innovative solution not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfills but also offers a sustainable way to enrich the soil.

A Detailed Look at the Separett Tiny® Toilet with Urine Container – A Comprehensive Review.

Features and Benefits

Improved Privacy Screen

The NEW 2023 MODEL of the Separett Tiny® comes with an improved privacy screen. This screen offers enhanced comfort and discretion, ensuring that your privacy is protected while using the toilet.

Self-Contained Design

The Separett Tiny® is a self-contained toilet with built-in containers for both solid and liquid waste. This eliminates the need for any external plumbing or connections, making it a versatile option for various settings, including off-grid cabins, tiny homes, boats, and RVs.

High Quality and Longevity

Made in Sweden, the Separett Tiny® is known for its exceptional quality and durability. With a 5-year warranty and reliable aftermarket support, you can have peace of mind knowing that this toilet is built to last.

Odor-Free Operation

Thanks to the urine diverting feature and the included ventilation system, the Separett Tiny® ensures minimal odor. This makes it suitable for indoor use without unpleasant smells or the need for chemical deodorizers.

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Product Quality

When it comes to the quality of the Separett Tiny®, you can expect nothing but the best. This Swedish-made toilet is manufactured using high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and durability, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting waste management solution.

What It’s Used For

Off-Grid Living

For those embracing off-grid living, the Separett Tiny® is an ideal choice. Its waterless design and compact size make it suitable for installations in remote cabins or sustainable homes. You can enjoy modern toilet facilities even in areas without conventional plumbing systems, while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Tiny Homes and RVs

In the world of tiny homes and recreational vehicles (RVs), space is a precious commodity. The Separett Tiny® is specifically designed to fit these compact living spaces. Its self-contained design eliminates the need for black water tanks, allowing for more efficient use of limited space.

Boating and Marine Applications

Boats and yachts often face limitations when it comes to wastewater management. The Separett Tiny® offers a practical and eco-friendly solution for marine environments. Its waterless operation and urine diverting feature make it easy to manage waste while enjoying your time on the water.

Environmental Consciousness

Even for those with access to traditional plumbing systems, the Separett Tiny® is an excellent choice for minimizing environmental impact. By using a waterless toilet, you can reduce water consumption and contribute to water conservation efforts. Additionally, the urine diverting feature helps divert waste from landfills and provides a natural and sustainable fertilizer for plants.

NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container

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Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Dimensions 22.5″ (H) x 19″ (W) x 20.25″ (D)
Weight 33.5 lbs
Capacity 6.2-gallon solid waste container
2.6-gallon urine container
Ventilation 12V fan
Warranty 5 years

Who Needs This

The Separett Tiny® is suitable for a wide range of individuals and settings. It is ideal for:

  • Nature enthusiasts and off-grid dwellers
  • Tiny homeowners and RV enthusiasts
  • Boat and yacht owners
  • Eco-conscious individuals looking to minimize their environmental impact

Whether you’re seeking a sustainable toilet solution for your cabin in the woods or simply want to reduce water waste in your everyday life, the Separett Tiny® can meet your needs.

NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container

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Pros and Cons


  • Waterless design eliminates the need for fresh water
  • Urine diverting feature reduces odor and provides natural fertilizer
  • Self-contained, compact design for versatile installations
  • High-quality construction and reliability
  • Low environmental impact


  • Initial investment may be higher compared to traditional toilets
  • Requires occasional emptying and maintenance of waste containers


  1. Can the Separett Tiny® operate without electricity? Yes, the Separett Tiny® can operate independently of electricity. However, the ventilation system requires a 12V power source for optimal odor control.
  2. How often do the waste containers need to be emptied? The frequency of emptying the waste containers depends on your usage and the number of people using the toilet. On average, the solid waste container may need emptying every 4-6 weeks, while the urine container can be emptied every 2-3 days.
  3. Is the Separett Tiny® easy to install? Yes, the Separett Tiny® is designed for easy installation. It comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary components for a straightforward setup process.
  4. Can the urine be used as a fertilizer? Yes, the urine collected by the Separett Tiny® can be safely used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants. Diluting the urine with water and applying it to your garden helps promote healthy plant growth.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased and used the Separett Tiny® have been overwhelmingly positive about its performance and features. Many praise the waterless design and the convenience it offers, especially in off-grid locations. Users also highlight the lack of odor, ease of installation, and the fact that the urine can be repurposed as a natural fertilizer.

Overall Value

In terms of overall value, the Separett Tiny® delivers exceptional benefits for both the environment and its users. While the initial investment may be higher than traditional toilets, its long-term cost savings, water conservation, and eco-friendly operation make it a worthwhile investment.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Ensure proper ventilation by connecting the 12V fan to a power source.
  • Use biodegradable toilet paper to reduce waste accumulation.
  • Regularly clean and maintain the toilet components to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The NEW Separett Tiny® Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Container is a game-changer in the world of sustainable waste management. With its waterless design, urine diverting feature, and high-quality construction, this self-contained toilet offers a reliable and eco-friendly solution for a range of settings.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking to upgrade your toilet to an environmentally friendly and efficient option, we highly recommend the Separett Tiny®. Its innovative features, durability, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any off-grid cabin, tiny home, boat, or RV. Say goodbye to excessive water usage and unpleasant odors while making a positive impact on the environment with the Separett Tiny®.

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